Terms & Conditions:

Customers declare that he/she is over 18 years old when purchasing intoxicating liquor via this website

Quoted unit price term is based on OC, that means, the minimum order quantity of 6 bottles or 12 bottles; if not meeting this quantity, the price increased by HK$10.

Free delivery to one single local address upon HK$ 1,500+per single purchase (except off-shore islands), if not meeting this value, each delivery is charged for HK$80. Surcharge is applied if the delivery address cannot be reached by elevator, Free storage for each purchase up to 30 days, if exceeding this period, the storage is charged for HK$25 per dozen (0.75l)per 30 days and part thereof.

Free storage of up to 30 days for each order made. If storage exceeds this period, there will be additional storage charge of HK$25 per dozen(0.75l/bottle)by block of 30 days or part thereof.

Offer subject to remaining unsold and final confirmation.